Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

With the mission of improving access to safe and affordable housing, the Kansas Housing Association (KHA) was established in 2013. KHA is dedicated specifically to support organizations and individuals working to provide affordable housing options in Kansas by developing good public policy while providing education, training and services that will make its members more effective in attaining their goals.  

KHA is the voice for housing opportunity in Kansas. For members, the Kansas Housing Association provides access to high quality advocacy and public policy information, along with activities that affect housing opportunity for low and moderate-income people across Kansas.

KHA is open to participation by all interested individuals and organizations. KHA offers current, relevant legislative and policy information, encourages communication with public policy officials, hosts participatory opportunities by hosting seminars, training sessions and an annual meeting which facilitates exchange of quality information sharing and provides networking opportunities.

Vision Statement

The Kansas Housing Association is committed to designing and supporting affordable housing programs and equal opportunities in Kansas to create strong and inclusive communities that change people’s lives.

Values Statement

  • Professionalism…displaying leadership by pushing ourselves to work hard, grow, and improve.
  • Collaboration…enhance our impact by working together and with others.
  • Communication…share information, ideas and opinions.
  • Integrity…be honest, accountable, and transparent.