About Us

In November 2013 a small group of housing industry leaders including developers, lenders, management companies, contractors as well as a few non-profits, gave a collective "voice" to a very large, previously unorganized industry in Kansas.

While the group had many great ideas and a vision for the future of KHA, the first order of business was to get the word out to the rest of the industry. The group quickly realized that forming a trade organization has many challenges. Namely, the same people you are pursuing as potential members often times are not only focused on their daily business but in many cases are also a competitor!

Whether you're a developer looking for ways to improve existing housing programs or a contractor looking to network with housing industry leaders, KHA can be that and more.

From an advocacy standpoint, together, KHA will be providing accurate and timely information from its membership base to policy-makers so that they can join us to further the goal of making quality, affordable and moderate income housing available to all Kansans.