Member Levels


Become A Supporting Member

Kansas Housing Association, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt membership organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(6).

CORNERSTONE MEMBER - $5,000 annually

KHA depends on Cornerstone Members to assist the organization financially and keep housing issues focused at the state and national level. They are “in the field” on a daily basis. These members will be offered access to help shape the KHA and legislative agenda.

SUSTAINING MEMBER - $2,500 annually

KHA depends on Sustaining Members to assist in moving housing policy and regulations/standards. They are involved with housing on a daily basis and are critical to KHA membership. These members have the opportunity to help shape the KHA agenda. Examples of Sustaining members include but are not limited to management companies, larger non-profit organizations, architects, general contractors, tax credit syndicators, CPA’s, energy certifying firms and other development partners.

SPONSORING MEMBER - $1,000 annually

KHA depends on Sponsoring Members who are in the communities to assist with the housing effort and benefit from its success. They are active and supportive of the development effort. Sponsoring Members are members currently participating in Kansas housing activity.


KHA recognizes the importance of small businesses/individuals knowing how they are key to economic growth in Kansas and the Nation. The Small Business/Individual Membership is designed for individuals and the newer or smaller business joining KHA to assist in moving housing forward in Kansas.

GENERAL MEMBER - $250 annually

KHA depends on affordable housing agencies such as small non-profits, CHDO’s, Public Housing Agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Community Development Corporations whose membership are vital to KHA’s strength and diversity. However, not every member of KHA is in the housing business. The General Membership is designed for a variety of smaller housing and non-housing agencies enabling them to have access to the most up to date housing information in Kansas.

Qualifications for Membership.

To be eligible for Membership, an organization must be a;

Housing Developer - Be a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 nonprofit or for-profit corporation operating in the State of Kansas and have as part of their mission to develop housing that is affordable to persons and/or households having low-to-moderate income; or

Housing Partner - An organization, community, business or individual that supports the development of affordable housing e.g., chambers of commerce, local governments, economic development organizations, financial institutions, for-profit entities involved in the housing industry, government agencies, government sponsored enterprises, housing authorities and mortgage lenders.